Smadar Wolfman spent the first twenty years of her life in Israel, where she began her training as an actress at drama college in Tel Aviv ( « Telma Yeline»). She moved to France where she continued her training at the Jean Perimony drama school in Paris, whilst also taking lessons at the Theatre Studies Institute, a department of the prestigious Sorbonne University. She went on to train at the Marcel Marechal school, before perfectioning her art with Ariane Mnouchkine and the renowned Theatre Du Soleil theatre company. In 1996 she won the Sylvia Monfort award for tragedy for her performance in the title role of the Greek tragedy play Electra.


She has since performed in a host of plays by many greats, in a number of theatres and productions, from Moliere through to Marivaux, Feydeau, Guitry, Ionesco and Claudel, but also Bobet, and many other contemporary authors. She has worked on several occasions with the director Anthea Sogno and in plays directed by J.L Jacopin, Herve Dubourgeal, J.L. Moreau, J. Descombe. She also appeared in «Brooklyn Boy» directed by Michel Fagadeau working alongside leading French actor Stephane Freiss at the « Comedie des Champs Elysees » theatre in Paris. She also played in the succesful theater play, «Hors Piste» by Eric Delcourt.


She has acted in more than twenty films for cinema, notably in films by G. Braoudé, S. Suissa, F. Cavayé, T. Arrouet et G. Lellouche. She is particularly memorable for her performances in «Petit Désordre Amoureux» by Olivier Peray, «Le Clone» by Fabio Conversi and «Glenn» by Marc Goldstein, films in which she has the leading female role.


She has also worked for television with numerous directors, notably S. Graal, JP. Vergne, E. Woreth, C. Douchan, JM. Seban, P.Jamain, JP. Mocky, C. Douchan and for the the television series «Le lycee» directed by M. Courtois and E. Dahene.
For several years now, Smadar has been pursuing parallel careers between France and Israel. Hebrew, English and French, being her three mother tongues, have enabled her to work on international projects. She will soon be appearing in the Chanel 4 series « The Promise » directed by P. Kominsky, and for the big screen in «Une bouteille dans la mer de Gaza» by T. Benisti and «Play OFF» by E. Ricklis.


Smadar has also written several plays for theatre, particularly aimed at younger audiences, and recently translated a documentary for the French national television channel « Arte », on Amos Oz.

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